SMART 2 DVR Features - It's Smart to Use a Smart!

Smart 2 DVD Backup
The SMART2 is one of the first DVR's to use DVD as a standard means of backing up data as evidence direct from the DVR. With DVD's now costing pence rather than pounds it's a great way to present evidence. Of course with small video files you can still use the ultra low cost writable-CDs in the DVD burner!
Xtal Clear Technology
Xtal Clear
The SMART2 uses a bespoke JPEG2000 algorithm called Xtal-Clear. This produces astonishingly clear recorded images for superior evidence purposes. What you see live is more or less the quality of the recorded file. When the DVD boots up it flashes “Xtal Clear” Technology on the screen so you know its installed!
iCOPY automatically copies the player software to the DVD or CD at the time of video backup so that the file can be easily played on 3rd Party Computer. Please note the backup software uses Internet Explorer as its interface so this must be installed on the 3rd party computer. Internet Explorer is is pre-installed on most PC's.
Remote Control
remote control
The SMART2 comes with a free hand held IR-remote control. This means that the operator can control the DVR easily without having to press buttons on the front panel. If you use a “Wirefree remote control extender” you can “relay” the remote control signal from one room to another enabling the SMART2 to be stored in a separate location to the operator. In a home it could mean the SMART2 is hidden in the loft and in a business it could be in a lockable enclosure. The extender is available under order code REM100.
Record Video & Audio
audio recording
You could use 4 cameras with audio on every camera. For example, in a shop you could record what the shop staff do AND say. This may prove vital in resolving customer disputes. It may also reveal why some staff can sell and other staff can't! When using video evidence to prove acts of theft, vandalism and violence, sound in addition to video could easily prove to be vital in securing a conviction. If someone says “I'm going to punch your lights out” and it's recorded with video footage they could hardly claim they acted in self-defence. Please note that the 8ch and 16ch only have 4 audio inputs but this provides plenty of scope for recording audio from those vital areas!!
Remote Video Surveillance over the INTERNET
Internet Recording
In addition to providing security at the shop, the SMART2 also provides the shop owner with a remote monitoring feature. By using an ADSL Internet connection (with a fast upload speed >512kb/s), the shop owner can use the Internet to see live & recorded images from the shop from the comfort of his armchair. Please Note that if you require Real-time monitoring over an INTERNET connection the DVR365 is the product you should choose as it uses far less “bandwidth” and would out perform the SMART2. If INTERNET USE IS A CONSIDERATION GO FOR THE DVR365 it's unbeatable!
Great for office LANs
Office Lan
LAN's don't have the bandwidth restriction problems of the Internet and the SMART2 will show real-time images over a LAN. For small businesses that wish to see images from a DVR over their LOCAL AREA NETWORK or “LAN” the Smart2 is a really cost effective solution. It provides great picture quality ease of use and is superb value for money.
Digital Recording
Digital Recording
With no tapes to change or wear out, the SMART2 records all its data digitally on to its built-in hard drives. Finding that vital evidence couldn't be easier, you can search by time and date or alarm activations. There's no messing about with fast forwarding or changing tapes as it's all instantly available at your fingertips. You can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. The shop owner doesn't have to worry about the staff using the DVR correctly as recording can be set up to be completely automated with continuous, scheduled, alarm activated or video motion detection options. This means that the DVR can be securely locked away out of sight and away from mischievous hands. If the shop has a computer network, a computer at the shop can also be set up to connect to the DVR to access live or recorded information, again password protected so only authorised personnel can use this feature.
Fast Recording Frame rate
Fast Frame Rate
The SMART2 can record at variable frame rates up to 100fps on the 4 Channel model and 200 fps on the 8 and 16 channels so you don't miss a thing. Of course you can reduce the frame rate so that you get a longer record time.
True Black Box solution
Black Box
DVRs can be generally split into 3 groups;
  1. Standalone “black box” ones
  2. Standard Computers with a video capture card – DIYers!!
  3. A PC made to look like a DVR!
We only sell number 1, the “black box ones” are they are 1st in performance and Value for money! PC based DVRs as in our opinion they are simply PC's running software and have all the associated problems with that (i.e. difficult to use and the possibilities of computer glitches and crashes). The SMART2 like all our DVRs are black box solutions. They are easy to use, look the part, offer value for money and are designed for the job. They are NOT an adapted PC as with some DVR's on the market.
Up to 1.5Tb Storage
Smart 2 Storage
The SMART2 can fit 2 internal hard drives the biggest readily obtainable drive currently available are around 750gb giving the SMART2 a total capacity of 1.5Tb
Triplex Operation
The SMART2 has full triplex operation. This means that the unit will carry on recording video and audio whilst it is playing back previously recorded data.
Recording time
Recording times
There are of course many variables that affect how long the SMART2 can record for, including number of cameras connected, number of hard drives installed and size of drives so we have produced a detailed table so that you can easily work out the recording times for yourself. Please remember that if you use Scheduled recording and the SMART2 records just 8 hours out of every 24 you would triple the record time. Similarly if you used VMD “Video Motion Detection” and it records just 2 hours out of every 24 you would have 12x the recording time!!